Tuesday, 12 August 2008

All quiet on the blog front

I have been desperately trying to think of something to blog about... but ..no can do. Its not that I lead a boring life, far from it... But what with the rain, kids on school holiday and decorating there seems to be little time to do what I enjoy most.... my allotment. I get down there briefly, occasionally, weather and son allowing, so have managed to harvest bits and pieces as required, and thats about it. So nothing really to write about.
It was our wedding anniversary on Sunday, I congratulated hubby on his lovely choice of card.....only to be told that it was the only in the shop!!! Not really what I wanted to hear... mind you it is a huge improvement on previous offerings. I remember one Valentines day, he presented me with a lovely card... on the front it stated that all his life he had searched high and low for the perfect girl, then he found me.........Ahhh thats nice I hear you say... inside where the words.... INSTEAD!!! His excuse was that he read the front and thought that'll do, so he didnt bother looking inside. Yeh... right!


oldcrow61 said...

That is so funny about the Valentine card. Just like a man, lol.

Goosey said...

Love the card thing! Happy Wedding anniversary to you both and see you soon, love Goosey x