Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Late summer sunshine

While sat out in the garden enjoying some late summer sunshine I was rewarded with a show from some beautiful flutterbies also enjoying some late summer sunshine....

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The largest seed in the world?

I have mixed feelings about this time of year. I don't really want to admit that the summer is nearly over, it feels like it never really got off the ground, and the growing season is all but finished. But... it is a nice feeling to have a big clear up, and get rid of all the tatty looking plants.The kids are back at school, and you can really get some serious work done at the plot without having to watch the clock. I find a good three hours is plenty enough time to make an impact on the backlog of jobs that have been building up. Yesterday I dug in the bed of green manure that I had sown about five weeks ago. I then planted out all my overwintering onions. I feel that maybe I was a bit over zealous and I know that in a few weeks time some of the green manure will start overtaking the ground again because there were a few areas that were more like a 45degree tilt rather than a thorough turn over!
The above picture shows how long it had gotten, I had manged about half of the area when I took this picture, the remainder still to do in the background! I had to keep taking frequent stops but that meant in between bouts of heavy digging I was able to take photos of other areas of the plot.
There are still lots of flutterbies around. I found this fellow feeding on a rotting apple,
I think I have identified it as a Comma, he was there for ages.The Butternut squash are nearly ready for harvesting. This is the first time that I have grown them, and will definately be growing them again! They are delicious roasted with potatos, Maris piper of course, courgettes, shallots and parsnips. I will have to get the recipe book out for some more ideas. I only have about 8 left, I wish I had grown more.

The Joan Jay rasperries are really surpassing themselves! They are huge! Delicious too! I can highly recommend them .
The poppies give a lovely bit of colour, I dont even know where it came from, but it is very welcome!

This last picture isn't from my allotment, but I felt it deserved a mention on my blog. It is the flower of my Calamondin that is growing happily on my sunny (!) kitchen window sill. The scent from these flowers is beautiful!! They are only a small flower, but give out such a strong perfume.

As an after thought, has anyone grown a Monkey Puzzle tree from seed? On our regular walks to school, we pass a Monkey Puzzle tree that has dropped its seed all over the path. I have picked some up and will attempt to grow them. I have a feeling that it wont be successful. They are a very large seed, largest seed that I have ever seen , measuring about 2-3 inches! I have photographed it next to a five pence piece for comparisson.

Or... do you know of a larger one?

Friday, 5 September 2008

Pickle! Thats original!

Ok ok, I know, but what else is there to do when its raining... you've cleaned the house... bathed the dog.... done the washing.....got it! Lets make some pickle using all those surplus veggies. God I do hate to waste them! Also they have been sat in brine for slightly longer than I intended. I was going to do it yesterday, but... my daughter went into labour! She rang me at about 11.00o'clock in the morning to tell me that she had been having labour pains since 5 that morning...... I was instructed that they would ring me when they were ready to go into hospital, so all afternoon I was on tenderhooks waiting... the call came at just gone 3 O'clock just as I had walked up the school to get my son! I knew I should have taken the wagon, but I have a dreadful fear off turning into one of those lazy mums who only live a short distance from the school, but still insist on driving! So we hot-footed it back home, with me nearly having a coronary on the way! I am soo unfit! I dropped the mum to be and partner at the local maternity unit, and went home with my grand-daughter to wait......... At just gone 7pm the call came, all had gone very well and Baby Rowe was now well and truly here! All 8lbs 13.5ozs of him! So after all the excitement of yesterday, I thought I would have a "lazy" day.
Baby Rowe
Homemade sweet pickle One clean sweet smelling dog.