Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Grow time

Although the weather has been beautifully sunny lately, the wind chill factor is a constant reminder of the time of year. It is still a tad bit early , I feel, to get much in the ground, but the greenhouse and kitchen windowsill are brimming with seedlings waiting for the ground to warm up a little. In the greenhouse I have, Aubergines, Cucumber x2 Tomatoesx2, French beans, Broad beans, Leeksx2, Scented peasx2, Lettuce, Courgettes, Cauliflowerx2, Kale, and Red cabbage! On the kitchen windowsill I have Lemon Grass, Jalapeno Peppers, Sweet peppers, and butternut Squash which has yet to put in an appearance! I think I have bought a duff packet of seeds. Can anyone give me some hints on the best way to grow cauliflower. I tried last year, but didnt have much success. I had to pick them when they were really small, about the size of a tennis ball, otherwise they just seemed to want to go to seed, or went a funny colour! Also, anyone know how to grow a monkey puzzle tree from seed? I picked up a few seeds, they are huge! I planted a couple in compost in a heated propagator, but nothing has happened. Any ideas anyone?


Crazy Emma said...

Not sure about monkey puzzles, have always just seen them as giant trees!
We have absolutely loads of peas growing on our windowsills as well as parsnips, borlotti beans, purple sprouts, leeks and cabbage. Hope to plant them out soon.

Goldmember said...

Crikey your house must look like a garden centre hehe.

You seem to be on top of things.

Im having trouble germinating cabbage. The first tray got pulled off the shelf by my baby boy, the second was sown in a dodgy batch of compost and the third is showing no signs of growing.

Cauliflowers need firm fertile soil. I have great results last year by digging in compost and getting the kids to run about on the bed for five minutes. You really need to water them loads too and suppliment with a feed once the plants have six pairs of leaves.

Im trying over wintered cauliflowers but the pigeons broke into the netting and have eaten a lot of the leaves. They have recovered ok but I think the end result will suffer because of it.

Tattyanne said...

LOL Goldmember! Thanks for your advice, I will def be trying it. Good luck with your cabbages by the way! Tatty