Friday, 30 May 2008

Lovely Rain!

All this rain has done wonders down on plot44. It wasn't until I had a veggie plot that I really appreciated the rain. Now I think it is like manna from heaven! I haven't taken any pictures of the allotment today, because I dont really feel that the pictures really portray how it really looks. Although I did have a wonder around the garden, and took some pictures of a few of the flowers that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
This is Astrantia, Masterwort.Seconds before there was a lovely bee working away inside this very pretty little flower, but as I went inside to get the camera, he was gone.
This one of many Hardy Geraniums that I have in my garden. I particularly like the veining on the petals.
This one is my favourite Hardy Geranium, I think it is Johnsons Blue, but I cant be sure. Just look at those markings! Its beautiful.Yet another Hardy Geranium. I'm not sure of the name of this one, but it is equally pretty.
This is my potato experiment. I think we can safely say that it is a success! My husband bought home these two large pieces of piping, so I planted them up with Bambino potato tubers using my own compost. I cant wait till we can harvest them, it will be like digging for gold! I'll keep you posted.
Look at that sky! The colours were so vibrant, I just had to take a picture! I dont feel that the camera has really justified exactly how stunning it really was.

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Goosey said...

Lovely cranesbill pictures tatty, looking forward to the Tuesday walk and enjoyed Bourne Valley too. Hoping to see a Kingfisher or two. Glad you put something on your blog, I keep looking and enjoying it..see you, Goosey