Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Rain stopped play for a reason!

Goosey and myself had arranged a walk a few weeks back, primarily to look for kingfishers. Goosey is a great nature lover and has been for walks all over Dorset, so knew exactly where to go. I had been soo looking forward to it, unfortunately, as the day arrived, it rained and rained and rained! We kept having a rain check, every hour on the hour. By nearly 2 o'clock, we were due to leave at 10 o'olock, Goosey suggested that we leave the walk till the evening as the forcast was more favourable. Tea was ready as soon as my husband walked in the door, and we were gone!What can I say, wow! Goosey you did not dissapoint! It was a beautiful evening, we walked along the river Stour at Eyebridge, there was so much to see and hear. We were lucky to see a Kingfisher, but he was so quick! Not a kodak moment there! Never mind, we walked a bit more, suddenly there was a kerfuffle on the bank opposite. Looking up we saw two little Egrets being hounded by what I thought were large black crows. One of the birds flew off, but the other one stayed behind, and provided us with a photo opportunity.
Not a brilliant shot, but I was soooo excited!It was a truly magical moment for me, it was my first sighting of the amazing bird! Thanks Goosey.
We walked on some more as time was getting on and there was still so much to see.
I think this was a Pochard duck?
I think this was a reed bunting(?)

This was a blue Banded (?) It was very pretty, and there were hundreds of them!

I think this was a hoverfly on Shepherds Mantle(?) Please correct me if I'm wrong.

It was all to soon time to go home, we had been out for nearly 4 hours but it felt about two! Just time for a few sunset pictures.... Thankyou Goosey.... When are we going again?


Goosey said...

Great pictures Tatty, but for some reason there is a big gap between the title and writing and then between each bit?!? Border Reiver left a message on my blog to say he couldn't see yours...don't know why this is. Have a look at what happened by clicking on the link from my blog.
The Egret pictures are amazing and the dragonfly. Can't believe we saw those Egret like that! See you soon, Goosey

Border Reiver said...

I can read your blog now :-)Definitely male reed bunting, dragonfly is a Banded Damoiselle (male) female has white spots on the wings have a look at my posting from last Sunday couple of photos on there. And I think, but not 100% sure, the hoverfly is "Helophilus pendulus" also known as a sun fly - three black stripes on thorax distinctive.