Monday, 23 February 2009

Meet the Girls

As planned, yesterday we took a run out to the New Forest, Beaulieu, to get our chickens. It was about an hour run each way, and we got back home with the girls about half past four. I put the chickens straight into their new quaters, and settled down to watch them. We let Alfie join us, our American Cocker, so that he didn't feel left out, he was so excited to meet them, wanting to play, his little tail going ninteen to the dozen! Two of the chickens, didn't seem to mind him, the White Leghorn was a little jumpy, but soon settled down. I had been given instructions from Ronald Grover, the chicken expert, to feed the girls with some mixed corn about an hour before putting them to bed. I was a little worried about how exactly I was supposed to actually get them into their new quarters for the night, it was now half past five, and getting rather dark!Fortunately I had bought an excellent little book that suggested putting a torch into the roosting box, as the light would draw them in. This worked a treat, within about 15minutes of putting the torch inside, all the girls went in! Ronald had said that it was a possibility that we might get one or two eggs the next day, but that the girls would probably go off laying for a while until they had settled in, so I was really chuffed when all three chickens produced an egg each!
I managed to get a some pictures of the girls, but I didnt want to upset them too much, so they're not very well composed, meet Peggy.. she's the Silver Sussex,

This is Rosie, she is a White Leghorn, and Finally Lucy, she is a French Maran and very pretty.

For some time now, I have been thinking about getting a small tree for the garden. I wasn't sure which , but I knew that it needed to be small, be fruiting of some description and attractive to birds. After discussing these requirements with my friend, she suggested a Crab Apple Tree. Perfect! I had a quick look on Ebay, I never buy anything without looking on Ebay first, and saw several sellers of the afore mentioned trees, at various prices, and decided to buy a mid priced tree. This is a bare rooted tree, and is between 4 and 5 foot. It was priced at £7.00, with P&P at £7.50. ( a little pricey) I had priced them on other sites, and to buy from a specialist nursery I wasn't going to get much change from about £30.00! So, hopefully sometime this week I will be planting a new tree. Take Care Tatty X


Goosey said...

Lovely girls Tatty, did you enjoy the trip to Beaulieu? I bet those eggs tasted good too. Peggy, Rosie and Lucy....nice names but I thought they would be For, Rest and Holme!

Crazy Emma said...

Aw the girls look like they're settling in already.
We took our pup Skye up to the allotment for a bit today and she loved it. She even helped dig up some huge bramble roots!

oldcrow61 said...

You're girls are wonderful. I'm excited here, lol. Lovely eggs.