Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow!! Oh and A Fox!!

I know in comparison that this little blanket of snow looks pretty pathetic against some of the snow scenes in other parts of the country, but its pretty none the less, and I for one get quite excited about it!!... and no doubt by lunchtime it will all be gone:( I know , I know , I need to get out more.... so here for your boredom, lets face it what else can you do today.......... enjoy:)
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While I was uploading these pictures, I wandered out into the kitchen, looking out of the window I was most surprised to see a fox! At 9.30 in the morning! "Quick " I called to my husband, "a fox". But my camera didn't have the memory card in it, because I was uploading the pictures, from it! Luckily his camera was on the side so he grabbed it and took these.......

Snow and a Fox in the garden! Theres only so much excitement a girl can take in one day!!


Peggy said...

It is so cold the foxes are coming in closer and closer to houses.The snow is great if you don't have to have to get out to go somewhere in it!
Lucky you husband's camera was handy as it would have been a missed opportunity.

Goosey said...

Great fox pictures, we had one walking along the hedge this morning but I was too slow with the camera!

oldcrow61 said...

A gorgeous fox. I'm so glad you got some pictures to show us. And the snow...yes, it can be very pretty.