Friday, 20 June 2008

Still raining and NO kingfishers

Goosey and myself decided that we would go for a walk. We decided that Friday would suit us both. Friday came and off we went, making a quick stop at plot 44 on the way. We had a lovely walk, even though it started raining it couldn't dampen our spirits. It just felt great being outside in our beautiful countryside. I dont think I could ever get bored of doing this walk along the river, it is a wonderful place. Always something to see or hear......... A lovely family of swans.
The fabulous Little Egret
A Sedge Warbler singing his little heart out!

We weren't fortunate enough today to see any Kingfishers, but we know that day will come.....and really does lift my spirits and fills me with amazement to witness all this going on.

Yet if you didn't take time out from a hectic schedule to STOP and look and would miss it all :( . Goosey sat for a while on a bench near the river and was lucky enough to see an otter! She was sat so quiet that he ventured out, sadly, he happened to spot her sitting there and so ventured back in again! Never mind... Goosey was thrilled that she had seen him at all.

All too soon it was time to go home to Do The School Run! I was greeted though when I got home by the view from my kitchen of these 2 rather handsome Greenfinches.

Thanks Goosey for a lovely, much needed, day out in the British countryside.

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Border Reiver said...

Tattyanne. Did you and Goosey really do the same walk :-) You have swans, sedge warbler, greenfinch and so on and Goosey says she saw an Otter, possibly... something fishy here, maybe she was having a cream tea really - ha ha !!

I was just about to leave a comment on her blog to say it was a Sedge Warbler, but she may know this now.