Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The season is underway!!

Today I took delivery of my seed poptatoes. This for me officially marks the beginning of the growing season. I have already unpacked them and laid them out in trays ready for chitting. I ordered, Dunluce, this is a first early, great for salads and summer chips and was a freebie. Next came Maris Piper an early maincrop, a good all rounder, but makes excellent roasties. Then I had Majestic, another good all rounder, I chose this one because it makes lovely mash. Then last but not least I ordered Arran Victory, this is a late maincrop and again a good all rounder. I also ordered Shallots Red Sun.


Goldmember AKA Cus AKA Cazaux said...

Hi there Tattyanne.

When do you hope to have them in the ground in your neck of the woods?

Im going to the Suffolk and Essex Potato Fair on the 14th of Feb to get mine and hope to have them in towards the beginning of April.

Arran Pilot get a lot of good press. Have you grown these before?



Matron said...

That is a great selection of potatoes, there are so many to chose from! I was blighted last Summer because it was so wet, so this year I am being forced to try some of the blight resistant varieties such as Sarpo Axona.

Tattyanne said...

Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. Its always good to know that someone actually reads my ramblings! Hopefully we will get these potatoes in the ground towards the end of March(?)I haven't grown the Arran Pilot before, but as you said, I too have read some good things about them, so thought we would give them a try. We usually have good results, and have a big enough harvest to last us late into the year. I really resent it went the time comes that I have to start "buying" my mass produced veg from the supermarket. Take Care Tatty

Goldmember AKA Cus AKA Cazaux said...

Every word Tatty. I look forward to every post.

My Husband Calls Me Weird said...

I can't grow anything to save my soul. My wonderful grandma's green thumb skipped me.