Sunday, 13 July 2008

Home from Holiday

Got back from a short break in Minehead on Friday. Managed to get to plot 44 on Saturday and today, everything has grown soo much in just a few days..especially the weeds! I did lots of weeding on Saturday, and formulated a plan of attack for today., this included lots and lots of picking! So for tea today to go with the rather large joint of Roast Beef we have, newly dug Maris Piper potatoes, for roasting, first picking of runner beans, final picking of broad beans, a very large bag full of mange tout, a generous helping of sugar snap peas, a decent serving of freshly shelled peas, Florence Fennel, carrots, a small swede, beetroot and cabbage! Make a note to buy some bigger plates! I also pulled up the remainder of the onions which look as if they are suffering every kind of rot and mildew going! I have them drying on every available rack, chair and net that I could find! Though I dont think I am going to end up with a very successful crop, I have a nagging feeling that I will end up throwing most of them away. Dont know what I will do about growing onions next year, even the ones that I grew in containers with new compost ended up with white rot! Anyone any tips?

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Goosey said...

What time is tea then..I'll be round!!! Only joking!!! Hope you had a good time, see you wednesday I think