Sunday, 6 July 2008

Nightjars and gloworms

Goosey and I went for a walk last night,to hopefully see a rare Nightjar and increasingly uncommon gloworm. It was organised by a member of Dorset Wildlife Trust, and another lady who supports Corfe Mullen Nature watch. I am ashamed to admit that I didn't get either of their names:( It was a blowy night, but at least it didn't rain. We all met at 9:00pm at Rushcombe Bottom, it was well attended, with approximately 32 people, of varying ages. After a brief introduction and telling us what to look and listen for we set off. We were shown to a spot that would be our best vantage point, and after a very short wait were rewarded by hearing and then seeing the birds in flight. It was a brilliant experience. I wasn't able to get any photos, because A:- it was too dark, and B:- they were too fast! On the walk back to the meeting point we saw a few gloworms. It was a brilliant experience, and I am really glad that had the opportunity to go. Thanks Goosey(again)!

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Jane said...

Hi Tattyanne. It was my walk you came on... Funny as I leave comments on Gooseys blog and didn't realise you were both there. I wish I'd known... It was part of my Nature Watch Corfe Mullen Project, trying to get people out into the countryside on their doorstep. I'm glad you saw the nightjars and glowworms, they really fascinate me... I hope you can come to some of the other events. Take care. Jane