Wednesday, 23 July 2008

onions, onions everywhere!

Here are some of my onions drying out on Hubbys boat trailer, I knew I would find a use for it! Here are some more of my onions drying out in the back garden on the swinging hammock.

I have onions drying out in the greenhouse, and also down at plot 44 in the little plastic greenhouse! Wont be short of onions this year!

This is the first of my tomato Pomadoro, it is an italian cooking tomato.

This is Ruby, a delicious little cherry plum tomato. A real favourite, tasty and prolific.

Blackcurrants ready for picking.

The potato tub experiment is still going strong. Stangely though, no flowers. Will this affect the crop in any way I wonder?

One of my favourite flowers, the Stargazer Lily. You either love em, or hate em!

Alstroemeria lily, this particular variety was included in Lady Dianas wedding bouquet. At least this has stood the test of time!

And finally, who does this remind you of? Answers on the back of a post card to....

1 comment:

Goosey said...

That's alot of onions Tattyanne! Hope you are feeling better now. Love the face at the end...I think it's me at the end of nights!
All the hard work is paying off now in the allotment by the looks of it, enjoy!